Performance History


May 18, 1997
Somerset High School
Somerset, MA

The Star Spangled Banner
This Land is Your Land
Camptown Races
Down by the Riverside
Old West Medley
Happy Trails
Make His Praise Glorious
O Lord of Host, My God and King
Good Ol’ Gospel Singing
Rock Around the Clock
We Go Together
This is My Country
America the Beautiful
In God We Trust
Salute to the Armed Forces

Additional Engagements

St. Ann’s Church, March 9, 1997
Christian Hill Music Festival, May 31, 1997

The BPCC celebrated the history and heritage of our country when it presented its “Americana” concert on May 18, 1997. Held at the Somerset High School Auditorium, the concert featured more of the colorful visual enhancements that graced our previous spring performances. Our guest dancers returned to playfully reenact the 1950’s and the Old West, and whimsical scenery was created to add to the lively atmosphere. This concert was also the first in which the chorus performed what would become a signature selection for the group, “Salute to the Armed Forces.”