Supporting Members

Thanks to Our Suppporting Members

The Southeastern Massachusetts Festival Chorus is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of individuals and businesses in the community to achieve its artistic goals. Through their generous gifts, our Supporting Members help us to produce enthusiastic performances, maintain modest ticket prices, and promote the arts as a vital part of the cultural life of our community. The SMFC gratefully acknowledges the following Supporting Members for their generous contribution.


Angel ($1000 and above)

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Benefactor ($500-$999)

Glenn & Deborah Fencer
Paul & Robyn Waters

Partner ($250-$499)

Bill & Pauline Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Condon
Glenn & Deborah Fencer
Claudette B. Gosson
Teri & Andy Kinder
John & Marilyn Scott

Jordan’s Furniture
National Amusements Theatres
Paul & Robyn Waters

Sponsor ($100-$250)

Michele Agostinho
The Bloumbas Family
Captain Bones Charitable Foundation
Claire Appling
Chateau Restaurant
Cheryl & Paul Bowen
Jean S. Briggs
Mary Jane Coakley
Kathleen M. Cotton
Daniel Couet
Rebecca Couet
Vincent & Donna DeChellis
Paul & Janet Dooley
Beverly Fanning
Virginia E. Farrar
The Flanagan Family
Linda & Ron Franz
David & Ann Fuller
Joan Gilday - In Memory of Jeff Baker

John & Anne Haggerty
Jim & Thelma Hamel
Georgia E. Hamlin
Mary & Herb Hardy
Charlotte Harrington
Matthew & Rachel Kodama
Sally & Steve Lamb
Gerrie & Vincent Macrina
Patricia & Howard Martin
K. B. McCormack
Carol & Jim McEachern
The Miller Family
Frank & Rosemary Moore

Mary Kay & Brad Natho
Tammy Osborne
The Family of Brian Parker
Marie Rawson
Don & Anne Swarce
Edward & Ann Thibeault
Froukje Timmer
William B. Vernon
Beryl Weeks, Posthumously
Ann Whitman
Alfred & Lucy Wilbur
Laura Williams
Robert & Ann Wood

Patrons ($50-$99)

Sarah Ablett
Betsy Andrade
The Browne Family
Laura Cassiani
Carolyn A. Cole
Rosalie Conti-Stebenne
Patricia E. Corey
William & Lori Dinon
Edward L. & Elaine Corr
The DeFilippo Family

Caitlin Dolan
Michael Falcetano
Irene Fenton
Donna Fitzgerald
The Greenberg Family
Mocha Hamel
The Harnett Family
Bette de Koning
Lucille Krouzek
Anne Lantz
Patricia & Roy Latimer
Jean Archer & Ken Martin
Virginia F. McCauley
Violet McCormack, Posthumously

Noreen Moore
Nana, Jenna, Ryan & Sean
John & Pam Odom
Robert M. Parent
Donald & Beverly Perkins
Linda & Bob Potvin
Jamie & Frank Riordan
David & Ruth Roberts
Arthur A. & Dolores M. Vasconcellos
Alison Wade

Friends ($24-$49)

Gladys M. Bauman
Grace & Eleanor Berry
Jean M. Brown
Martha Brown
Kimberly Diamond - In Memory of Margaret Baker
Paul & Mae Doherty
Lou H. Eylat
Mike Falcetano
Irene Fenton
Donna A. Fitzgerald
Natalie Fontes
Francis Gallishaw
Jacqueline Gordon

Mary Masterson
Mr. & Mrs. William F. McCaffrey
Virginia F. McCauley
Linda McMahon
John A. Murphy
Robert M. Parent
Rene Pariseau
Patricia & Thelma
Donald & Beverly Perkins

Jim & Midge Scanlon
Heather Schermann
Richard & Roberta Shafer
Rosemary A. Symes
Arthur A. & Dolores M. Vasconcellos
Eloise Jacobsen Wallace
Deborah Whalon
Susan Wladis

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